In episode 2 I let myself rant (nicely) about a recent experience with some door-to-door evangelists. We had a really pleasant conversation but I feel duty-bound to at least offer a friendly performance appraisal.

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No longer local

Here’s the explanation about the upcoming tweak to the podcast.  Looking forward to a fresh start in the next week or two.


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Podcast tweak

…just in cast someone is following the blog rather than the podcast… I will be making a tweak to the podcast. The original idea for the podcast, a discussion about belief and unbelief among locals, appears to have been based on a miscalculation. I’ll produce one more episode explaining why I feel I was wrong to think that I would be able to attract a mixed, local audience and will spell out how this change will affect future episodes.

Getting started

The first episode has been recorded and will soon be published.  (That was a lot harder than I was expecting.)

This first blog post is most likely to be seen by Christians in the Frisco area that are wondering why they are being followed on Twitter. So far there is not much information on this site to explain what this project is about so I want to give a little assurance up front that there is nothing to worry about.

This podcast is not produced by an atheist organization. It is a solo project by a local atheist – yours truly.  Years ago, I was part of a local atheist group that held several “Meet the Pastor” events where we had dinner and discussion with local church leaders. The group has disbanded but my desire for friendly, respectful discussion with people that think differently has not faded in the least.

No one is going to be ridiculed. Beliefs will not be dismissed, but neither will they be taken for granted. Christians and atheists hold their beliefs sincerely — this is a necessary assumption for respectful dialogue. We cannot insist that the other side accept our own beliefs before discussion begins.  This might be a little harder than it sounds. I’m certain that I will need a lot of practice in this area.

If you’re interested in interfaith dialogue but (like me) insulted by attempts to build a universally acceptable spirituality, please subscribe to the podcast. It will be a few weeks before it is available in iTunes but the RSS feed will be posted when the first episode is ready.

I’m looking forward to starting the discussion!